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POS PROS is your full-service POS systems and technology partner/provider. From consultation to implementation, POS PROS is your one stop shop for all things Point of Sale. Whether you’re a mom and pop shop, multi-store operation, or franchise, we’ll customize the best point of sale solution to fit your unique business needs.

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Aldelo POS Bundle Hardware

Perfect for All Types of Restaurants

Bring Efficiency to Your Restaurant

More than 50,000 restaurants use Aldelo to simplify their workloads. The POS system has a wide variety of enticing features, including the ability to split or combine bills, track inventory and customers, and providing financial accountability. Loyalty programs, an easy ordering process and kitchen productivity options are also popular, making Aldelo the right choice for small and medium businesses alike.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The Aldelo point of sale manager gives you the opportunity to focus on your customers. Improved efficiency of business-related tasks means you have more time to create customer satisfaction. Aldelo is so efficient that many restaurant owners claim they spend less time training new employees and more time putting people to work.

Create a Better Business With These Benefits and Features

Split Checks

Combine or split orders according to customers’ preferences.

Easy-to-Use Printers

Print your kitchen and bar tickets quickly and easily.

Reservation Tracking

Accept reservations and create waiting lists for the most popular time slots.

Track Recipes

Keep detailed recipes right on your dashboard.

Gift Cards

Built-in gift card modules make it even easier to place customers.

Employee Time Cards

Allow your employees to clock in and out with ease.

Happy Hour Settings

Set your Aldelo system to automatically change process during Happy Hour.

Credit Cards

Easily accept and process credit cards for your customers.

Customization Options

Aldelo is completely customizable to meet your restaurant’s needs.

Make Your Restaurant More Productive

Ease of Use

Our point of sale assistant uses intuitive software provided by iOS for easy management.

Boosts Staff Productivity

Staff members will be more productive when using our POS solutions, meaning your customers don’t wait as long.

Efficiency in a POS System

Aldelo streamlines your restaurant’s most important daily operations to create a more efficient business.

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What People are Saying

Oscar Acosta
General Manager at Super Taco

“One of the greatest concerns for small businesses is cost. After doing our research, we find Aldelo has the best value for our money. The system has tons of easy to use features and is much simpler than other systems I’ve used in the past.”

Ashley Campbell
Owner of Campelli’s Pizza

“They offered us something new,​ without us realizing that there’s room to grow and I think that constant evolution in Aldelo is really useful for the consumer because they are always looking for solutions to things that we haven’t discovered problems for yet.”

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