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POS PROS is your full-service POS systems and technology partner/provider. From consultation to implementation, POS PROS is your one stop shop for all things Point of Sale. Whether you’re a mom and pop shop, multi-store operation, or franchise, we’ll customize the best point of sale solution to fit your unique business needs.

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PCAmerica Cash Register Express Hardware

Features to grow your Business

Efficient Checkout

Reduce lines by checking customers out with the scan of a barcode or the swipe of a screen. The system also allows manual cash entries as needed.

Discounts & Coupons

Enhance promotions by programming coupons and discounts specific to your store. Discounts and price changes can also be restricted based on employee logins to prevent potential wrongdoing.

Track & Manage

Track your inventory to reduce or eliminate shrinkage, stock discrepancies, and stock outages. You can even view the best and worst selling products from your business.

Employee Management

Track time clock, schedules, and payroll functionalities so each employee is paid accurately. Reduce labor costs by properly managing staff schedules and roles.

Versatile Processing

In addition to cash payments, quickly and securely accept debit, credit and gift cards using this easy-to-use point of sale assistant. It is PA-DSS Certified and PCI Compliant.


Transform your business from a brick-and-mortar store into a click-and-order retailer and manage it with a single system. Sales and inventory reports effortlessly sync to make managing multiple sales avenues simple.

Customer Attraction

Attract customers to your store with loyalty programs and built-in gifts to offer discounts or rewards for special events and loyal customers.

Detailed Business Reporting

Access your reports from the reporting screen and filter through them by type. Review your past sales figures, costs, and inventory levels to gain insight and grow your business.

Digital Signage

Display digital messages for your customers in the checkout process to promote events, new products, or sales. You can even use this space to sell to outside vendors for advertising purposes.

Purchase Orders

Generate and receive purchase orders, track inventory and set reorder levels so you never run out of product again. Individual and bulk items can also be purchased from a specific vendor with the touch of a button.

Suspend & Recall Held Trans.

The Recall ON Hold Transactions feature enables you to check another customer out and recall the previous transaction.

Security Features

Reduce employee theft by managing employee’s permissions. Admins can restrict or grant access to price changes, voids, discounts and no sales. In addition, cash discrepancies can be closely monitored during shifts.

Integrated Payroll

Calculate employee paychecks in seconds with PC America’s payroll feature. You can also calculate overtime, taxes, and garnishments right on the spot.

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