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POS PROS is your full-service POS systems and technology partner/provider. From consultation to implementation, POS PROS is your one stop shop for all things Point of Sale. Whether you’re a mom and pop shop, multi-store operation, or franchise, we’ll customize the best point of sale solution to fit your unique business needs.

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Talech Bundle Hardware

Designed For All Types Of Industries


Talech offers an intuitive system that can easily create orders and modify them if need be, manage inventory, and view past sales all from a mobile tablet. Whether your restaurant is small or large, Talech’s powerful software can handle any complex job you throw at it.


The Talech point of sale system provides your retail business an affordable solution to grow. This tablet-based POS will help run your daily tasks more efficiently and make it easier to process transactions, apply discounts, monitor inventory levels, and review reports.

Features Designed For Efficiency

Menu Customizations

Customize modifiers for your menu items to speed up the ordering process. And utilize the variations feature to assign items multiple price points.

Multi-Store Reporting

Easily view data from multiple locations on a single dashboard. It will display the revenue, product and sales reports for your business.

Table Layout

Set up the table layout feature to match your restaurant’s layout. This will make it easier to find open tables and place orders for your customers.

Campaign Marketing

Set up campaigns to promote your business to new clients or keep your current ones informed. Effortlessly send notifications, sales, welcome emails, and more.

Advanced Discounts

Create discounts that can automatically be applied at certain days and times such as happy hour. Utilize advanced discounts to offer customers BOGO deals.

Chip Card Processing

Start accepting secure EMV or contactless payments to provide your customers peace of mind. These new forms of payments can be easily integrated with Talech’s POS system.

Grow Your Business

Customer Insight

Review captured customer information to learn more about their individual sales habits.


Access your data anywhere on any device in real-time using the cloud-based system.


Integrate the POS with your trusted e-commerce or accounting solutions to easily manage all your information.

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Customer Reviews

Chase’s La Verne, CA

“We needed some way to make the ordering process more efficient. talech saves time not only at the table when dealing with customers, but it makes my life easier when it comes to book work. We can’t live without it.”

Patina Home & Garden, PA

“I just had to spend 5 weeks away from my store and with talech I was able to keep track of business, what needed to be ordered and what wasn’t selling while I was gone.”

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