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POS PROS is your full-service POS systems and technology partner/provider. From consultation to implementation, POS PROS is your one stop shop for all things Point of Sale. Whether you’re a mom and pop shop, multi-store operation, or franchise, we’ll customize the best point of sale solution to fit your unique business needs.

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Linga Bundle Hardware

The Digital POS Consultant Built for the Food Industry

Full Service Options

Use the Full Service build for restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and breweries

Quick Service

This configuration delivers fast, powerful processing for your food truck, cart, café, or bakery


Options for multi-storefront businesses


Specialty setup for Pizzerias with single-store and multi-store support

Features to grow your business

Offline Support

Swipe while offline with the Linga POS and queue payment processing until a server is available.

Split Checks

A single, easy-to-master function built right into your point of sale assistant.

Use Modifiers

Create variants and allow customers to customize dishes. Linga POS supports the addition of mandatory and optional modifier queries.

Advanced Display

Use the kitchen display system to reduce waste from printed receipts while keeping your staff up-to-date on order changes and wait times.


With support for over 30 languages, the multilingual, multi-currency interface works to provide support for a diverse customer base.

By the Slice Orders

Give customers control with pizza-by-the-slice customization and let them build a pie on screen.


Set up alerts to find out when there are voids, returns, and other events. Let your POS tell you how your business is doing in the moment.

Custom Permissions

Restrict access with role definitions that make sure your records are secure by limiting access to sensitive areas as you define them. Customizable to fit your staff hierarchy.

Table Management

Use this tool to easily keep track of orders and seating so your staff stays organized and your customers get great service.

Track Tabs

Track your bar tabs with a dedicated feature that lets you manage as many open tabs as necessary from a single interface. Never worry about losing track of customer tabs again!

Printer Customization

Make sure your receipts send the right message to your customers. Include information like server names, table numbers, or even custom messages.

IoT Control

Nest security cameras and gain the ability to monitor your business whether you are on-site or not.

Build Reports

Your Linga dashboard allows you to build custom reports to track inventory, sales, credit receipts, and more.

Payroll Reporting

Record employee hours with time tracking software and calculate payroll costs in your POS to produce easy to read reports that streamline your payroll.

Wireless Data Collection

The Linga POS uses Wi-Fi to glean customer information and other identifiers that help you track your regulars and gain insights into business trends.

Custom Enterprise Reports

Organize your business enterprise on any scale. Collect, collate, and compare information from across sales events, stores, or organizational units with ease.

Compare Inventory Levels

Set up specialized reports to calculate the cost of holding inventory based on time to find your best balance of various staple items.

Daily Sales Reporting

The Linga uses your transaction data to automatically generate detailed daily reports you can use to identify trends, strategize around slow periods, and build promotions.

Sell Gift Cards

You can easily process gift card payments alongside your other payment options, and the Linga POS is also designed to make it easy to sell them, so your employees can upsell gifting options easily.

Discounts and Gratuities

Adjust costs during promotional times and add the ability to create automatic gratuity calculations for large tables with the touch of a button. This feature makes happy hour management easy.

Improved Inventory Sorting

Use the advanced features of your point of sale assistant to track inventory at the ingredient level and adjust your menu prices as your costs fluctuate.

Analyze Menu Item Costs

Take your data analytics to the next level and get the most out of the inventory sorting by using the menu analyzer to identify your most profitable and best-selling items.

Build Customer Loyalty

One of the best ways to increase your sales is to build customer loyalty, rewarding your regulars and providing discounts to entice people back when they’ve been away. Use the Linga to set up and administer your own program, your way.

Multi-Store Management Features

Manage multiple stores or restaurants from a single administrative control, and use the simple backend comparison features to get insights into the differences between each store’s performances.

Advanced Features

Online Ordering

Linga POS lets you set up an online menu to take orders. It even lets you include options for both pickup and delivery.

Manage Inventory

A food cost tracker is built into the ingredient level inventory management system. The overall menu price of your items can then be calculated by monitoring the ingredients used in each dish.

EMV Processing

Linga supports EMV processing, allowing you to take payments from chip cards with the same tip support you already enjoy when customers use other payment methods.

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Emma Sims
Emma’s Corner Cafe, USA

“Linga is a great point of sale system and is easy to operate. The various offered features helps me run my business efficiently and it’s also quite affordable.”

John Choi
Korean Barbecue House, UK

“This point of sale system provides a lot of convenient features to help your business grow. And the support team is always available to assist you.”

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