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Built for Your Salon or Spa


Use the online appointment scheduler built into Booker to keep all your appointments straight with next to no effort. Schedule clients from anywhere, at any time, whenever your device is online.


Make checkout easy and pleasant for your customers with a point of sale assistant that accepts cash, credit, gift certificates, and even loyalty points. Booker also creates insights that help you spot business trends after each transaction.

Features Inspired by Salon Owners


Use online communications and partner sites to entire customers.


Use any platform you like for appointment scheduling, including online at your site or via social media.

Make More Sales

Now, your Booker electronic POS consultant not only lets you process transactions with ease, it also sets you up for success with online gift card purchasing and other eCommerce support options.


Tracking and reporting tools make it easy for you to organize your inventory, your staff, and your scheduling from one central location.

Keep in Touch

Grow your earnings and build customer support with features that help you maintain contact with past clients.

Booker Bundle Hardware

Options to Improve Your Business Performance

Easy Scheduling

When your online booking includes social media, you can reach more customers quickly.

Buyer’s Guide

As your point of sale broker, Merchant Account Solutions has built a buying guide to help you understand the Booker’s options.

Facebook Cheat Sheet

Get updates immediately to spot trends on social media and learn the best ways to build your reach.

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Customer’s Reviews

Utopia Spa & Wellness, PA

“Christmas and Mother’s Day are our busiest times of the year. I found myself manning the desk and selling gift cards before each holiday. With Booker, I have it all in one system and can now sell online. Switching to Booker was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made—that’s how much it has changed our business.”

Tea Spa MD, PA

“I like having our credit card processing integrated with Booker. Now, my receipts are automatically saved in the system, which is so much easier than how we used to track cabinets full of paper receipts. I also like being able to monitor our sales with reporting tools. Also, our clients love being able to buy products online.”

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